New Concrete Additives Assist in the healing of Sewers

With the acceleration of urbanization, the maintenance and renewal of sewage systems have become an important issue in urban management. Recently, the emergence of a new type of concrete additive has provided the possibility for the self-repair of sewer systems. This additive not only improves the performance of concrete materials but also realizes the self-healing function of damaged areas in sewage systems, marking significant progress in urban construction materials.


Characteristics of New Additives

The notable feature of this new type of concrete additive is its self-healing function. Using special formulas and nanotechnology, this additive can automatically release repair agents to fill small cracks in concrete, restoring the integrity and strength of the concrete. This feature greatly improves the durability and service life of the sewer, reducing the economic and time costs associated with frequent maintenance.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Actual application effect

The new concrete additives have shown good application effects in the pilot projects of sewage systems in multiple cities. Even when the sewer is subjected to heavy vehicle traffic or extreme weather conditions, concrete with new additives can still maintain good integrity, effectively reducing leakage and damage.

With technology’s continuous improvement and promotion, new additives are expected to be applied in more fields. The new type of concrete additive is expected to be widely applied in more urban infrastructure construction. With the continuous progress of materials science, we look forward to more innovative products that can serve urban construction and provide strong support for the sustainable development of cities. At the same time, this also reminds us that while pursuing rapid urban development, we should pay more attention to innovation in materials science and sustainability in environmental protection. Concrete foaming agent is an additive that can fill concrete particles with bubbles, reducing concrete density and improving its performance by generating many bubbles. It has a wide range of applications in construction and industry.

Application of concrete foaming agent

Reducing concrete density: Concrete foaming agents introduce bubbles into the concrete, thereby reducing the density and weight of the concrete. This lightweight concrete is particularly suitable for situations that require reducing the load-bearing capacity of structures, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, etc.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)


Improving concrete performance: Foaming agents can change concrete microstructure and enhance its durability, weathering, and corrosion resistance. At the same time, concrete foaming agents can also improve the thermal insulation performance of concrete, making it have better insulation effects.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Application in blocks and lightweight panels: In the production process of blocks and lightweight panels, concrete foaming agents can endow products with physical properties such as lightweight, thermal, moisture, and sound insulation. These products have a wide range of applications in the construction field, such as walls, insulation layers, etc.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Sewer self-healing function: The new concrete additive has a self-healing function, which can automatically release a repair agent to fill the cracks when small cracks appear in the concrete, restoring the integrity and strength of the concrete. This self-healing function is significant for long-term infrastructure maintenance, such as sewers, and can reduce frequent repairs’ economic and time costs.


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