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What is magnesium stearate

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What is magnesium stearate?
Magnesium stearate, chemical formula for C36H70MgO4, molecular weight of 591.24, is an organic substance, is a white sand-free fine powder, unsafe contact with the skin.
Insoluble in water, ethanol or ether, generally utilized as lubricant, anti-adhesion agent, circulation help.
Magnesium stearate is particularly ideal for the granulation of oil and also extract medications, and also the granules have excellent fluidness and compressibility.
Magnesium stearate is utilized as a circulation aid in direct pushing.
Magnesium stearate can likewise be used as filter aids, clarifiers and frothing agents, along with putting on hold agents and also thickeners for liquid prep work.

Prep work technique of magnesium stearate
15 phr of magnesium sulfate was dissolved in 150 phr of water, heated to 55 ℃, and also slowly contributed to the ready sodium stearate option, the re-decomposition response was accomplished under mixing, and also the magnesium stearate was sped up as strong.
After the completion of the reaction, the clear liquid was divided, then washed with water, dehydrated by centrifugation and also dried out at 80-85 ℃ to get the ended up item.

Application field of magnesium stearate
According to various application areas, magnesium stearate can be partitioned into food quality magnesium stearate, pharmaceutical grade magnesium stearate and industrial grade magnesium stearate; according to different dosage forms of products, magnesium stearate can be subdivided into powdered magnesium stearate and flake magnesium stearate, among which powdered magnesium stearate is the mainstream item on the market.

Powdered magnesium stearate is frequently used as anti-caking agent as well as drug releasing agent in the fields of day-to-day chemical products, medication and also food. with the fast advancement of downstream market, the marketplace range of powdered magnesium stearate will continue to broaden.
1. Magnesium stearate is made use of as a warmth stabilizer for PVC, along with resources for aesthetic flour, skin lotion and clinical tablet computers (shaping representative, lubricating substance), for lubrication and also transparency in wood powder, as well as for transparent smoothing representative in paint industry.
2. Widely used in food, medication, paint, plastic, rubber, textile and so on.
3. Magnesium stearate is a brand-new sort of medicinal excipient, which can be utilized as movie covering material for strong preparation, thickener for colloidal liquid preparation, suspending agent and so on.
4. Made use of in cosmetics for powder items, can improve bond, lubricity, but additionally can be used as resources for pharmaceutical tablet computers.

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