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Introduce the national flag and national flower of Bhutan


What is the flag of Bhutan?

The flag of Bhutan is based on the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Drupa lineage and features Druk, the thunder dragon of Bhutanese mythology. The basic design of the flag was done by Mayum Choying Wangmo Dorji in 1947. A version was shown when the Indo-Bhutan Treaty was signed in 1949. The second version was launched during Druk Jalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck's visit to eastern Bhutan in 1956; it was based on photos of the predecessor from 1949, replaced by a white Druk The green original.

The Bhutanese then redesigned their flag to fit the dimensions of the Indian flag, which they believed flew better than the Bhutanese flag. Several other modifications, such as changing the red background color to orange, resulted in the current flag, which has been in use since 1969. In 1972, the National Assembly of Bhutan established a code of conduct that formalized the design of the flag and established acceptable flag sizes and flying conditions.

The flag is legally described in Schedule 1 of the 2008 Constitution:

The yellow color of the upper half in contact with the base symbolizes secular traditions. It is the incarnation of His Majesty the King, whose noble deeds strengthen the kingdom. As such, it symbolizes that His Majesty the King is the guardian of the spiritual and worldly foundation of the kingdom. The lower half orange that extends to the top symbolizes spiritual traditions. It also symbolizes the flourishing of Buddhist teachings, especially the Kagyu and Lingma traditions. The dragon with the tassel completely pressed down symbolizes the name of the kingdom, which is endowed with spiritual and secular traditions... The white dragon symbolizes the pure mind of the people, expressing their loyalty, patriotism, and a strong sense of belonging to the kingdom, despite their There are different ethnic and linguistic origins.

 Introduce the national flag and national flower of Bhutan

The national flower of Bhutan

The national flower of Bhutan is the Himalayan blue poppy (Meconopsis gakyidiana). In Bhutan, it grows to 1-meter high rocky mountain terrain, above the tree line at 3500 to 4500 meters above sea level. Bhutanese traditions associate this flower with the legendary snowman. The flower was discovered in 1933 by British botanist George Sharif in a remote area of Satoen in eastern Bhutan.

There are 13 species of blue poppy belonging to the family Papaveraceae. Blue poppies are also available in pink, white and red and can be found in this country. This white-blue poppy is a specialty of Haa, a quaint town in southwestern Bhutan. About eight are blue, one is red, and some are white and purple.

Blue poppies bloom from June to August, and they need a lot of moisture to grow. They grow on sandy and moist soil

Blue poppies grow throughout the Himalayas, and they can survive extreme conditions, such as freezing temperatures. Amazingly, this rare flower can grow in extreme conditions, but it is fragile by its very nature. It is said that the blue poppy blooms only once, after which it will seed and then wither. It takes about two to three years for the seeds to grow into plants.

The blue poppy is the national flower because it is said to have blue blood running through it, and it is a rare flower. About 5,603 species of plants have been identified in the country, including about 576 species of wild orchids and 46 species of rhododendrons, as well as more than 300 species of medicinal plants.

Introduce the national flag and national flower of Bhutan

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