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How to Kill Cockroaches with Boric Acid

How to Kill Cockroaches with Boric Acid
Let's introduce the self-made fire extinguisher

  • Boric acid pills for cockroaches: first, wash the potatoes and steam them in a pot for about 15 minutes. Take the same volume of boric acid as the potato, crush the potato and fully mix it with boric acid. Note that the two must be mixed evenly. The next step is to knead the mixed boric acid mashed potatoes into pieces, so that the home-made cockroach killing medicine can be done. The next thing to do is to put the self-made cockroach killing medicine in the place where cockroaches often haunt and wait for it to eat. In this way, boric acid eventually dehydrated the cockroach to death.
  • Use 100 grams of boric acid (bought at the drugstore). A little milk, flour, sugar. Stir it into dough. Put it where the cockroaches come out. The cockroaches will die.
1. Prepare a powder, boric acid, onion and milk. Then chop the onion, squeeze it into juice, add it bit by bit into the same amount of flour and boric acid, and knead it into small balls by hand (1 cm in diameter) If you add some milk, the effect will be better. Put the prepared boric acid ball in the place where cockroaches often haunt, such as the cupboard and the corner of the kitchen. The smell of onion can attract cockroaches. As long as it takes a bite, boric acid will cause cockroaches to dehydrate and die. After a few days, boric acid balls are as hard as stones, but the effect remains the same.
2. Boric acid is not a drug that can take effect quickly. Nerve insecticides take effect much faster than boric acid. But one advantage of boric acid is that it does not produce resistance (at least not yet) and is relatively safe for people. Boric acid can be sprinkled directly along the wall. After cockroaches are stained with boric acid, the wax layer on the body surface will be damaged and lead to dehydration; And when cockroaches lick and clean themselves, boric acid will enter the digestive tract, which has certain gastric toxicity.

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