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The application of titanium dioxide in the industry

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Titanium dioxide is an essential white pigment and porcelain glaze. They are used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber, watercolor paint, and other industries.

Titanium dioxide is the whitest thing in the world. One gram of titanium dioxide can paint an area of ​​more than 450 square centimeters white. It is five times whiter than the commonly used white pigment-Lithopone, so it is the best pigment for white paint. Titanium dioxide used as a pigment in the world can reach hundreds of thousands of tons a year. Titanium dioxide can be added to the paper to make the paperwhite and opaque. The effect is ten times greater than other materials. Therefore, it is necessary to add titanium dioxide to banknote paper and art paper.
To lighten the color of plastic and soften the luster of rayon, titanium dioxide is sometimes added.

In the rubber industry, titanium dioxide is also used as a filler for white rubber.

The photochemical properties of semiconductor titanium dioxide have made it useful in many fields, such as air purification, water, and fluids. Photocatalysts doped with carbon or other heteroatoms can also be used in sealed spaces or areas with scattering light sources. When used in coatings on buildings, pedestrian slabs, concrete walls, or roof tiles, they can significantly increase the decomposition of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, aromatics, and aldehydes.

It is also widely used in sunscreen production, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Ultrafine titanium dioxide has excellent ultraviolet light shielding and transparency. It is widely used in cosmetics, wood protection, food packaging plastics, durable household films, human-made fibers and natural fibers, and transparent coatings. The unique optical effect in metallic flash coating makes it pay attention and apply in high-end car paint.

Food application

The US Food and Drug Administration stipulates that titanium dioxide can be used as all food white pigments, and the maximum use amount is 1g/kg Sec. 73.575 titanium dioxide. The pigment additive titanium dioxide can be safely used in general coloring food, subject to the following regulations:

(1) The amount of titanium dioxide does not exceed 1% of the food weight.

(2) Colored foods that cannot be used by the specific standards published in Article 401 of the Act, unless similar rules allow coloring.

(3) For colored foods, the edible color additive titanium dioxide can contain an appropriate diluent. It is a safe color additive, as follows: silica, as a dispersing aid, does not exceed 2%.

Product adaptation: preserved fruits, jelly, fried food, cocoa products, chocolate, chocolate products, hard candies, polished candies, gum-based candies, puffed foods, candies, and chocolate products coating, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, solids Drinks, konjac gel foods, etc.

Trunnano is one of the largest titanium dioxide producers in the world. There are titanium dioxide powders and photocatalyst products in various particle sizes. If necessary, please contact Dr. Leo. Email: brad@ihpa.net.

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