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Qantas Grounded All International Flights About The Short-Term Unemployed People

wallpapers News 2020-04-01

It is reported that two-thirds of employees will temporarily leave their jobs from the end of March to the end of May, which means that about 20.000 people will be temporarily unemployed. Qantas has grounded all international flights after the Australian federal government announced that all citizens had avoided international travel. Currently, more than 150 Qantas aircraft are temporarily grounded, including its Airbus A380. Boeing 747. and 787 models.

Cylindrical roller bearings are an essential part of the aircraft. To reduce friction, high-speed turbines generally use full floating bearings, which can only transmit torque, which reduces friction to a minimum. Angular contact bearings are only used to withstand other torques. Axial thrust is mainly composed of thrust bearings bear. Engine blades are primarily composed of composite materials, and compressor blades are not very demanding. There are lubrication channels and air channels in the engine shaft. There are air channels between the turbine blades and the air guide blades. The surface of the leaves has small holes punched by lasers. When working, a gas film is formed on the surface of the edges to separate high-temperature gas.

To increase the performance and service life of the engine and during the development of high-temperature alloys, the manufacturing process has much promoted the development of composites. Due to the emergence of vacuum melting technology, the removal of harmful impurities and gases in the alloy, especially the precise control of the alloy composition, has continuously improved the performance of high-temperature alloys. Subsequently, new technologies such as directional solidification, single crystal growth, powder metallurgy, mechanical alloying, ceramic cores, ceramic filtration, and isothermal forging were successfully researched, which promoted the rapid development of superalloys. Among them, the directional solidification technology is the most prominent.

The directional, single-crystal alloy produced by the directional solidification process has an operating temperature close to 90% of the initial melting point. At present, the advanced aero-engine blades of various countries use directional, single crystal alloys to make turbine blades. From an international perspective, nickel-based cast superalloys have formed equiaxed crystals, directional solidified columnar crystals, and individual crystal alloy systems.

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