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How to distinguish whether the NSK bearing you buy is genuine?

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Most end-users who receive counterfeit bearings believe that they are buying genuine products, and due to a lack of expertise in this area, it is almost impossible to distinguish between genuine and fake products at the time of delivery. Therefore, users are completely dependent on their supply chain to have the necessary quality control procedures in place to avoid the arrival of counterfeit bearings.
Use the source of the authorization
Purchasing from an authorized NSK source is a way to guarantee the availability of genuine NSK bearings. When purchasing quality bearings from authorized dealers or distributors, users can be assured of a strict quality assurance program, as this is one of the many strict control procedures dealers must follow to obtain NSK approval. To verify that an approved source is used, visit the NSK website, where a complete list of authorized resellers can be found. Alternatively, call NSK to confirm the dealer's status.
Good quality
Poor quality is another factor that helps expose fraudulent bearings. A close inspection of rolling elements and raceways will provide key indicators such as rough surfaces and abnormal roller appearance. NSK's manufacturing process has been perfected for decades, combined with strict quality procedures, which means that there are no possible low-quality products.
The packing.
In the first case, the user should check whether the NSK bearings are packed with appropriate transport materials. The low-quality packaging means that the bearings are not supplied by NSK. In addition, check pallet configuration and container loading, and compare producer and country of shipment. The quality of the crates should also be checked. Once the outer packing is removed, observe the load-bearing carton. Are the cartons similar to other packages we received before? Be sure to check that the cartons are properly marked and that the labels are authentic.
The simplest solution
Of course, buy from a trusted source, such as an authorized NSK dealer. NSK authorized resellers are professional, knowledgeable, and service-oriented. With a large inventory of NSK and RHP products and unlimited access across the range, these distributors offer true bearings quickly and reliably. In addition, everything from inventory management, product and application knowledge, to engineering advice and support based on the total cost of ownership (TCO) approach is assured.
Each NSK authorized dealer is part of a tripartite relationship that provides peace of mind from a fully committed global and local alliance. Purchasing from these dealers will ensure users receive the factory's latest, quality NSK bearings, providing the best performance levels.

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