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Why do rolling bearings age prematurely

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Poor bearing lubrication
The reason is a severe lack of grease or dry and aging grease. Due to the friction and heat generated by the motor running at high speed, the bearing temperature is too high and oxidizes and discolors, which is manifested as the brown or blue of the bearing balls, cage, inner ring and its journal. Prevention method: Determine the oil replenishment and oil change time according to 4 factors such as the running time of the motor, the ambient temperature, the load condition, and the quality of the grease. Under normal circumstances, the motor should be replenished once for 6000~10000h, and should be changed once for 10000~20000h. The oil change of the motor with 2 poles or more than 4 poles is 1/2~2/3 of the bearing chamber volume, and High-quality lithium grease should be used.

Strong vibration
When the motor core is faulty, the bearing will vibrate strongly. The reasons are: the iron core is heated and deformed, the motor bearing is aging, the rotating shaft is bent and deformed, and the end cover is tightened because the bolt is loosened due to vibration, and the foundation is not strong, which makes the bearing vibrate. Prevention method: make the iron core car small, soak the surface of the silicon steel sheet and the opened gap with silicon-organic varnish 1052, replace the new bearing of the same model, exit the bending part of the rotor core to straighten the shaft, adopt the 180-degree symmetry method, and tighten the end Cover the spigot bolts, strengthen the foundation, and tighten the anchor bolts.

Rolling rotor fits too tightly
When the inner ring of the bearing is forced into the journal, the lighter one will produce a severely worn annular track at the bottom of the raceway, and the heavy one will have cracks or peeling on the slideway, outer ring and balls. Reason: The gap between the ball and the slideway is pressed too small, the torque increases, the friction increases, and the bearing working temperature are too high, which makes the bearing wear and fatigue worse and fail. Prevention method: restore the radial clearance of the bearing and reduce the amount of interference.

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