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What is the installation of insulated bearings

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Insulated bearings are precision products in mechanical equipment. Correct installation and maintenance are very important for bearings. Incorrect installation and maintenance will lead to premature failure of the bearing, which will cause the host to fail to work normally. Insulated bearings need to be installed in a clean environment to prevent foreign matter from entering the bearings, and at the same time to avoid severe impact loads. The editor of Jiuxing shares the correct installation and maintenance methods of insulated bearings.
1. Bearing installation
Before installing the bearing, check the relevant components to ensure that they are clean. Do not open the original packaging of the bearing until just before the installation. Remove burrs, chips, rust and dirt on the mounting surface, otherwise, noise and vibration will be generated when the bearing is working. For small bearings with interference fit (D<=100mm), the bearings can be press-fitted to the shaft or housing by mechanical or hydraulic methods.
For larger bearings (D>100mm) or larger interference, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction can be used to install. Generally, oil bath heating or electric induction heating method is adopted. Bearings whose inner bore is a tapered bore are installed with an interference fit. Cylindrical shaft: install with withdrawal sleeve screw (or adapter sleeve and nut); tapered shaft is directly installed with set nut.
For cylindrical bore bearings, the size of the radial clearance after installation is determined by the tolerances of the selected housing hole and shaft. The greater the interference produced by them, the smaller the radial clearance after installation. Therefore, it is very important to correctly choose the tolerance of the shaft and the hole that matches the bearing. For the installation of tapered bore bearings, the interference is not like the inner bore of cylindrical bore bearings, which is determined by the tolerance of the selected shaft, but depends on the bearing being pushed in on the tapered journal or tapered adapter sleeve The length of the distance.
The initial radial clearance of the bearing is gradually reduced during the push-in process, and the amount of push-in determines the degree of fit. Therefore, the initial radial clearance of the bearing must be measured before installation. In the process of pushing in the bearing, the radial clearance is continuously measured until the required reduction in radial clearance and the ideal interference fit are achieved.

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